How To Transfer/Send Airtime On MTN – MTN Share And Sell Service

You can transfer/send your airtime/credit on MTN to your family, friends and loved ones.

All MTN users are eligible for MTN Share And Sell (The sender and the recipient must be an MTN user). Just that some tariff plans like Bettertalk and some other ones are not allowed for MTN Share And Sell. So people on this plans will not be able to perform MTN Share And Sell. If yoy fall into this category, kindly migrate to any tariff plan like MTN Pulse by dialing *406#

And without much talks, let’s go straight to the main point.

Lest I forget, users that have not sent airtime to another user before will be required to change pin from the default pin (0000)

So let’s talk about how to change your MTN Share And Sell sell pin

How To Change Your MTN Share And Sell PIN

There are two ways you change your pin

1. SMS Method


Default-pin New-pin New-pin

to 777

For example, if my new pin is 9999, I will have to send

0000 9999 9999 to 777

2. USSD Method

Dial *600*default-pin*new-pin*new-pin#

For example, *600*0000*9999*9999#

How to transfer airtime on MTN

There are two ways to send airtime on mtn and that is the SMS Method and the USSD Method.

1. SMS Method


Transfer Recipient’s-Number Amount Pin

To 777

For example, if you want to send N500 airtime to 08011223344, my SMS format will be

Transfer 08011223344 500 9999

To 777

2. USSD Method

Dial *600*recipient’s-number*amount*pin#

For example, if you want to N500 to 08011223344, you will dial *600*08011223344*500*9999#

With this I think and I know you should be able to use send airtime to any one provided he/she is an MTN user.

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