How to Send, Receive and Earn Bitcoin via WhatsApp

This method might grow to become the most easiest way to receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as based on the fact that WhatsApp has billions of daily users.
A swiss-based crypto messaging platform called Lite.IM developed a simple mechanism to send and receive Bitcoin via WhatsApp without the need to download any wallet or log in to any site. Just within your WhatsApp, you can send and receive Bitcoin.

How To Get Started

To begin, just add Lite.IM WhatsApp bot and follow the instructions below and start earning and using virtual cryptocurrencies on the app.
1. To begin, Click HERE
2. Choose your language
3. Set a password
4. You are good to go

The amazing thing about this bot is that you can earn Bitcoin by inviting your friends. This is an opportunity for those who wish to earn free Bitcoin from the comfort of their home

How To Receive Bitcoin Via WhatsApp

1. Type 0 and press ‘Enter’ to reset the bot ¨C it will bring you back to the option menu,
2. Type in 1 to receive BTC
3. Choose how you wish to receive it, either via QRcode or BTC address displayed underneath.

Send the QRcode or BTC address to your friends or for business.
However, apart from BTC, You can also receive other type cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin.

How to Receive other Virtual Currencies

1. Go back to the main menu by typing ‘0’, and Change your default currency by selecting 1
2. Choose which coin you wish to use as your default
At the moment, the app doesn’t supports ERC20 tokens yet. So earning airdrops via this means won’t be possible. We hope that it will be added later in the future.
Note: For now, this is just an addon and not FBcoin.

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