How to see deleted Whatsapp Status

How to see deleted Whatsapp Status

You might have been asking yourself this questions, is it Possible to Stop your friends from deleting status from you?, is it possible to see deleted status? The answer is Yes!. I would be showing you a Quick way to Enable Anti revoke Status Function on your WhatsApp


How to Enable Anti Revoke Status on WhatsApp

Firstly you have to know that the original WhatsApp Application can’t do this, So you have to install A modified version of WhatsApp Named YoWhatsapp. (Download Here). If you are already using YoWhatsapp u can continue the Tutorial.


1. Launch YoWhatsApp Application

2. Click the Navigation Bar & Navigate to Yo Mods.

3. Click Privacy

4. Scroll down till you find the anti revoke Status option

5. Check it & Restart your Application.

In conclusion, this Article I can say is not.for Normal WhatsApp users, its for only users using the Yo WhatsApp Application.

Also The tutorial isn’t for Invading Privacy or Anything is just for knowing Sake, let’s use it wisely.




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