How to Read Without Distraction on your mobile phone

Being in the electronic generation, things are being made to be electrical even to the books we read are now in the electronic format called PDF.

A disadvantage of this PDF is the high rate of distraction attached to it due to social media notifications and other notifications. Like when one is reading a book on a mobile device a notification comes in… One tries to check it out… More notifications comes in, and we’ve forgotten we’re reading a book.

But here we are providing a solution to distractions that may occur when one is reading by introducing a feature on the phone which is called Screen Pinning

What is Screen Pinning?

Screen Pinning is a feature on Android devices which allows only a screen to be active. All other window will be inactive, not even the home page will work.

How To Activate Screen Pinning On Android Devices

1. Open Phone Settings

2. Navigate to Security

3. Scroll down till you see Screen Pinning

4. Turn on the Screen Pinning Feature

How to Use Screen Pinning to Avoid Distraction While Reading

1. Open the book you want to read

2. Minimize the page and Select the pin button On the Bottom right corner of the page as shown in the screen shot belowScreen Pinning

3. You have Successfully pinned the Screen, you can read and avoid Distraction now.

When you receive a phone call while the Screen is pinned, you will receive the sound but won’t be able to see who, you will have to Unpin the Screen to see the Person calling & to pick the call

How to Unpin A Screen?

Of course this also has to be in the tutorial because you will have to unpin the screen when u are done with reading.

In some phones, Touch & Hold the Back Button to Unpin the Screen

While In some, Holding the Back & Minimize button at the same time will Unpin the Screen

You can Comment below if you found this Tutorial great or you have any problem with the screen Pinning Feature.

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