How To Make Your MTN Sim Eligible For N200 For 1GB Data Plan – MTN Win-Back Data Bundle

Not so long ago, I talked about MTN Win-Back Data Bundle that enable MTN users to get 1GB data for N200. But the only shortcoming of this plan is that it is available to selective MTN users.

So I decided to tell how what you can do to me eligible for this plan (MTN Win-Back Data Bundle)

What you can do to be eligible for MTN N200 for 1gb plan is to keep your MTN sim unused either inside a phone or out of a phone for 60 – 120 days. As we know that the plan is made to bring back those MTN users that abandon their MTN for a long period of time.

So by abandoning your MTN sim for a long time, MTN will be prompted to make you eligible for the plan.

Abandoning MTN sim may be a bit difficult for the ones with just one MTN sim. So if you have just one MTN sim (especially if it is your hotline) I will not encourage you abandon your sim rather I will advise you buy a new MTN sim, use it for some time, maybe like 7 – 14 days, then keep the sim you can abandon it out of a phone or inside a phone.

If you can do the above instructions, there is a very high probability you will be made eligible for the Win-Back Bundle.

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