How To Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome Browser For Android

We all know Google Chrome Browser but most people are not aware that dark mode could easily be enabled in the browser. Dark mode feature will prevent the illumination of phone brightness on one’s eye as too much illumination of the brightness is hazardous to one’s eye. And unlike other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge with an in-built theme section, Google chrome does not have any part for themes. So how do we do this?

How To Enable Dark Mode In Google Chrome

• Make sure your Chrome Browser is version 74. Go to chrome://version in your Chrome browser to know your current version.

• Go to chrome://flags in your Chrome browser

• When the page opens, Search For dark mode

• Enable Android Web Contents Dark Mode and Android Chrome UI Dark Mode

• Close and Reopen Your browser

• Your Dark mode should have been enabled…

Note: Your Chrome should be version 74

Update Your Chrome Browser Here

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