How To Stop Pictures/Media from Downloading Automatically On WhatsApp – Disable Media Auto Download

A lot of data is being consumed by pictures and videos that are Downloaded automatically in to your phone from WhatsApp. And so also storage is being wasted as this is done. So in order to save the data and storage from being consumed (wasted). We need to disable auto download media feature in WhatsApp.

How to Disable Media Auto Download on WhatsApp

1. Open your WhatsApp App

2. Click the Option Button at the top right edge of your screen to open the drop down menu

3. Click Settings on the menu

4. Tap Data and Storage Usage

5. Click on When Using Mobile Data

6. Untick all the options shown

The above process will stop photos, audio, video, and documents from downloading automatically when you’re using mobile data. You can also disable Media Auto Download when using WiFi, at least to save your phone storage.

Repeat Process 1 – 4

Click On When Connected On WiFi

Untick all the option shown

With all these done, no media will download into your phone from WhatsApp without your consent.

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