Win $10,000 in iTel Latest Promo Splash – How To Participate

Are you an iTel device user? Then this is for you.
iTel Mobile is currently running a promo splash and if you are using an iTel device, you can win a whooping sum of $10,000 (3,600,000).
Customers who buy any iTel smartphones, iTel P33 or P33 plus between now and 10th of July stand a chance of winning $10,000. So if you already own an iTel smartphones, proceed to the next step.

How To Participate in iTel Promo Splash

• Visit this link and fill the details below

• Correctly Enter your first name, last name and your country in the field provided
• Enter Your itel model e.g S13, P33, P32, S12, A33
• Take a picture of the IMEI number of your itel smartphone and upload it as seen below then hit the submit button.

If you owned an itel smartphone, you could
be the winner of this grand price.

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