iOS 13 – Every Feature You Need To Know

Apple previewed the features of it’s new operating system, iOS. Giving is an idea of what to expect in this new OS. This new software is said to bring a change to the look of iOS devices as new features will be reaching almost every part of the device.
Let’s talk about the features to expect in iOS 13.

iPadOS: Every Feature You Need To Know

iOS 13 Features

  • Due to improvements to the way apps are architected, the new operating system version will come with up to 2x faster app load time. The device maker states that it has made faster performance a priority once again. For instance, when you unlock your iPhone via Face ID, you will notice it is 30 per cent faster. Also, app downloads are made faster, and Apple ensured that apps have 50 percent smaller sizes. Also, updates are smaller in sizes by 60 per cent, resulting in launch speeds for apps that are 2x faster
  • iOS 13 offers a new Dark Mode, which lets you save battery life when you make your photos, messages, etc. With Dark Mode in iOS 13, you can enjoy more immersive content with your home screen featured in a dark background, along with all kinds of applications, including photos and messages. The idea behind Dark Mode is to have your content pop more, but Apple did not reveal any information on potential battery life savings on those iPhones that sport OLED screens. Dark Mode — the maker explains — can be scheduled to be automatically switched on at sunset (this is quite a neat option). Apple is providing the functionality for developers so that they can try to give their applications a Dark Mode make-over.
  • It comes with a Quick Path keyboard feature that allows you to enjoy swipe typing. The option allows you to swipe to type with the stock keyboard that comes with iOS 13. This functionality has been present in Android smartphones for years. Do note that the trace typing is put on by default, and you will not be able to turn it off. Despite this downside, it is cool to know you can type more easily using just one hand on bigger mobile devices phones, such as the iPhone XR as well as iPhone XS Max .
  • There is a new “Sign in With Apple” option that enables you to sign into applications smoothly without the need to put your privacy at risk of intrusion. Apple is enhancing protections to make yourprivacy stronger. In one of such changes, apps can only request your location once. Also, you will be able to get background tracking alerts. Furthermore, the manufacturer wants to lock down side doors, which are using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The most remarkable of these privacy changes in iOS 13, however, has to do with a new sign-in option for bypassing Google and Facebook. This feature is known as “Sign in with Apple,” and it is a simple API that lets you log in without having any personal information revealed. If an application asks for your name and email address, Apple will allow you to create an anonymous random email address, which forwards messages to your real email address. And there can be a random email address for each application. This makes it easier for you to get rid of those apps that you do not want troubling your inbox. “Sign in with Apple” also works well on devices that have Touch ID and Face ID, so you needn’t get a newer iPhone or iPad.
  • The rejiggered Maps application now provides you with a lot more detail as well as new features, such as Collections. According to the company, it has driven more than 4 million miles while trying to redesign its Maps app from scratch. The overhaul includes more extensive road coverage, more accurate pedestrian data, more detailed landcover, and more precise addresses. It will be completed by the end of this year in America and introduced in other countries next year.Maps also comes with a new binoculars button that is equipped with a look-around window, giving you a three-dimensional view of your surroundings and making it easier for you to explore. Turning your device to landscape mode will enable you to zoom down the street. In doing so, you can also tap on labels if you want to learn more about landmarks and businesses nearby. Another feature of Maps is Collections, where you can group things you find interesting in those cities you live in or visit most. There is a Favorites feature for storing the places you visit often, allowing you to call up directions with just a tap.
  • In the update, Siri will sound less like a robot because of a major improvement made to its text-to-speech capability. Siri shortcuts are becoming smarter with suggested routines. The virtual assistant will also sound more natural with an improvement made to its neural TTS (text to speech). The company showed off a quick demo, and Siri’s voice sounded a lot more like that of a human.
  • The Photos app will come with new browsing features for getting rid of clutter, like Month and Year views highlighting your best pictures.
  • Memoji will offer more personalized and customizable options, in addition to makeup and accessory features.
  • Reminders are getting more intelligent since they now have the ability to recognize dates and times automatically.
  • In the new iOS 13, you can finally be allowed to select a Wi-Fi network in Control Center.

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