Distinct Features Of Ayoba, MTN Chat App

Having being of Ayoba, the chat messenger of the MTN company, I would like to talk about the features integrated into the app.

Highlights of the App (Ayoba)

  • Free to Use: Ayoba is free to use. You need data to send messages and files to your contacts, but some networks (e.g. MTN) may provide this data for free too.
  • Easy Sharing: Share videos, images, audio, and other files with your contacts.
  • Quick Connect: Use your existing address book to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts.
  • Calls: You can make calls within the app using your voice connection
  • Chat Now: Instantly send and receive text and voice messages with any of your contacts.
  • It has end-to-end encryption. Meaning your messages cannot be read by anyone else
  • Group Chat: You can create your own group, to easily communicate with friends and family.
  • Share real time location with your contacts without hassle
  • Chat with Everyone: end SMS text messages with anyone in your contact list, regardless of whether they’ve installed Ayoba or not
  • Money Transfer: Make and receive payments via Mobile Money (COMING SOON)
  • Chat interface looks similar to what we have on WhatsApp, and users can import contacts from their phone contact list.

Mtn chat messenger app ayoba

  • The Sidebar reminds me of Blackberry Messenger where you can join any channel of your choice. With this option, the chat messenger promise to cure you of boredom.

Mtn chat messenger app ayoba

Mtn chat messenger app ayoba

  • You can set a download limit based on your data budget, you can set it such that it does not download media that is greater than 20MB and you can also compress files if you want.

Mtn chat messenger app ayoba

  • Of course, the regular backing up your chats to the cloud and end-to-end encryption is provided with the app.

Guys, there are more to explore.

Where Download Ayoba?

You can download it on your Android smartphone here or from Google play store. iOS version is not ready. The installation process is very simple, all you require is the pin that has been sent to the phone number you registered with.

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