7 Tips To Increase The Number Of People That Checks Or Views Your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp was initially a messenger or probably a community, but is emerging as a social media app with the addition of the WhatsApp Status View where users can share text, video, images and gifs for their contacts to see. When a contact see the media (photo, video and gifs) and text share by individuals in their contacts list, it becomes views for the one that share the contents.
In this endeavor, WhatsApp users are trying to have a good number of views. Knowing this, we bring to you 7 ways with which you can increase the views you get on your WhatsApp status.

Tips To Increase WhatsApp Status View

1. Save People’s Contact And Make Sure Yours Is Saved On Their Side.

This is the most important part when it comes to whatsapp status view. Your viewers’ contact must be saved in your phone and yours in theirs. It is not a one-sided thing, it must be done on both sides.

2. Maintain Continuous Chat Relationship With Your Contact

Sometimes, having contacts saved is not all that is needed to see people’s status, you need to have some conversations before you can see their status. Also, avoid a very long time (up to two months) of silence between conversation, they might lose your contact.

3. Set Your WhatsApp ‘Status Privacy’ To ‘All Contacts’

Ensure you have enabled everyone in your contact list to see your status, otherwise, your status will only be seen by some and all your contact. You can do that by setting your ‘Status Privacy’ to ‘All Contacts’.

4. Don’t Upload Excessive Media On Your WhatsApp Status

Uploading excessive media on your status could make people stop viewing your status, some might even mute your status permanently. We advise you upload about three to five media per day.

5. Ensure Good Contents On Your Status

When you minimize the media you drop in your status daily and the few you release on it is not good contents, individuals may be irritated and not be triggered to view your status when it pop up. This will reduce the views you get on your status.

6. Avoid Boring Media On Your WhatsApp Status

Always try to make your status interesting/captivating. Share some jokes, quotes and any other thing, just to make your status interesting.

7. Always Reach Out To Your Contacts When You Reinstall Whatsapp

Some occasions may occur when you have to uninstall your WhatsApp application, and as a result, you may lose your status views. You can rectify this by reaching out to your contact you reinstall your WhatsApp application.

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