5 Ways To Use Your Smartphones For Learning

We all know how to use smartphones for fun and communication. It is not that hard, you know. We’ve asked experts from a professional essay writing site Smart Writing Service to share their vision on how smartphones can be used for learning.

Here are some major tips you can start implementing right away.

Trick Your Mind into Essay Writing

You like texting, we know. Texting grows exponentially every year, and we are so used to it that it doesn’t make us uncomfortable. We are not lazy to text. We.don’t see this activity as work. If you collect messages sent through the day and check the number of the words you have written, you will be surprised. Normally, if it was about essay writing, you would be much less eager to type so much. So, start writing your essays from a smartphone.

Make yourself comfortable and start texting. You can even do it in the same ecosystem you are used to. Some of the messengers allow sending texts to yourself. The trick is, when you have to sit in front of your PC and type a research paper, you get stuck. But if you start in what can be called a “safe environment,” it will be much easier to continue.

Listen to Podcasts, Watch Online Courses

Education is not only about the classroom pand textbooks. Lecture notes are fine, but you should widen your horizon with the help of other means, and online education accessible from your smartphone is a great choice for that. You can listen to podcasts everywhere you go.

You don’t need to download them online. There are lots of apps that allow you to listen to podcasts online. Watching courses is also available from your smartphone. Previously, you could only be engaged in e-learning from PC, but everything is working on your smartphone. Finally, it is truly possible to get smarter using smartphones.

Learn Languages or Practice the Known Ones

Learning foreign languages requires a significant amount of willpower. It always helps to add some gamification into this process. Special language learning apps can be truly helpful if you use them as an addition to major studying. They can help you learn new words.

You can choose some topics you are interested in or even entire vocabulary needed to pass specific language exams like IELTS for ESL students or similar. Such apps have nice progress, motivation, badges, reminders, animation, etc. Choose the ones which allow you to add your own words. This way, it will be easier for you to combine your daily learning with app learning.

Read Books and Manuals

Well, it is the most obvious thing we can say, but it really works. You often don’t have time for books, but you can use your trash time to read books from a smartphone. Again, it is your preferred, well-understood ecosystem, which makes it easier to start on things you normally don’t like to do much.

It was previously said by doctors that reading from electronic devices can poorly affect your sleeping patterns and harm your eyes. It is true only if you don’t adjust lighting accordingly. Put your smartphone into “night” mode when you read after 7 pm and don’t get phone too close to your eyes – better make letters larger.

Use Helpful Services for Writing Essays

First of all, download vocabularies, thesaurus, and similar apps. It will help you with the meaning of complex words and with checking whether you use them correctly.

You can also use plagiarism checkers, proofreaders, and citation generators from your phone. All that makes the essay writing process much easier and more productive. If you find yourself stuck over some topic, use your smartphone to order an essay from a writing service — it is fast and easy, you can do it even standing in line for coffee.


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