10 Best Tips To Save Data On Your Android Phone – Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Phone

Save Your Data – Reduce Data Usage

In this present age, almost every individual make use of data, I mean internet connection and this is because it is a very important factor in the use of an Android device. The importance of cellular data has increased over time and the rate at which we use it is high compared to previous times. This is an indication that as we move forward in time, the amount of data we use will increase compared to this present time.

Little did you know that over 50% of the data you consume is not used by your activities on your device, it is used by background apps, google play services some other features on Android platform.

So in this write-up, I would be showing you 10 things you need to do to save your data, that is to reduce data usage on your Android devices.

10 Tips To Save Your Data On Android

1. Disable auto-update of Google play apps

You need to stop Google play apps from update automatically and you can disable the auto update by going to the settings in Google Playstore, click Auto-update Apps > Don’t auto-update app

2. Disable Media Auto Download in WhatsApp

You also need to stop unwanted media from downloading in to your device from WhatsApp. As they consume your data and the storage space in your device.

Open WhatsApp Menu, click Data and Storage Usage untick the media selected when using mobile data

3. Avoid the use of apps with much ads

When you use an app and there’s a lot of ads pop-up, look for an alternative that contains less ads. This will help to save your data greatly as ads consume much data if they are in large quantity.

4. Make use of offline apps if available rather than the online ones

When you’re looking for an app, try to see if there’s an offline kind of it, and there is, make use of it rather than the online ones. Using online apps frequently leads to high amount of data usage.

5. Activate ‘Use Less Data’ in Instagram

‘Use less data’ feature is made to reduce the amount of data used on Instagram. When activated, less data will be consumed by the Instagram App, though some features will be optimized.

6. Activate Data Saver on Twitter

Data saver feature on Twitter works with both app and web version. It will stop pictures from downloading and videos playing on their own. This will help one to view only the pictures and videos one need, all other unwanted media are neglected.

Activate Data Saver on Twitter by scrolling down twitter menu and enable ‘Data Saver

7. Turn off cellular data when not in use

To avoid data being used by running background apps it is advisable to always switch of the data when not in use.

8. Activate ‘Travel Mode’ feature on Snapchat

Snapchat uses a lot of data as it automatically download snaps you receive and stories your friends post. But when the ‘Travel Mode’ feature is enabled, snaps and stories won’t download automatically, one would have to tap on snaps to download and a second tap to watch.

Enable Travel by tapping the Snapchat Settings button, scroll to Additional Services, and tap Manage. Scroll down and enable Travel Mode.

9. Activate ‘Data Saver’ and Disable Videos Auto-play on Facebook

Facebook feed used a nice amount of data as it load pictures and auto-play video as one scrolls down. When data saver is enabled, Facebook optimizes the size of images that appears on one’s feed. To prevent video auto-play also, one would need to also disable the video auto-play.

To Activate Data Saver, go to Facebook option icon, Navigate to Settings & Privacy, click Data Saver and toggle the Data Saver ON

To disable video Auto-play, go to Facebook option button, click on App Settings under Help And Settings, click on Auto-play and select Never Auto-play Videos

10. Restrict Background Data/Activate Data Saver

The is the Data saving feature that comes with every Android device. It prevents background apps (apps running in background) from using your data. It is known as Restrict Background Data in some phone and known as Data Saver on others.

To Restrict Background Data, go to data usage settings, click the option button at the edge, and select Restrict Background Data

And if that is not available on your device. Just scroll down (still in Data Usage Settings) and activate the Data Saver

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