10 Facts About Devices With 16GB And 32GB Roms You Must Know!!

10 Facts About Devices With 16GB And 32GB Roms You Must Know!!

When your Android phone is working just fine and doing what you want, it’s easy to forget it’s not a super computer. But every so often, something goes wrong, something does not work. The little green or sometimes blue humanoid robot appears, and he is unhappy.

Such is the case when you, the owner of a phone that purports to have something like 16 GB or 32 GB in storage, cannot install an app, even a small one.

10 Facts About Devices With 16GB And 32GB Roms You Must Know!!

Your phone has a few apps on it, maybe a bit of music and some photos, but you are, you believe, nowhere near your size limit. But the next time


you install, or try to update, you get a message: “Insufficient storage available.”


The thing about “Insufficient storage available” is that, like its UNIX-like lever-puller, it’s not great at telling you exactly what’s wrong, just what it can report about that thing you tried to do. You are left to figure out whats eating your space and dealwith it on your own.

So I would like to point out certain facts about devices with 16GB and 32G roms.

10 Facts About Devices With 16GB And 32GB Roms You Must Know

1. A 16GB or 32GB rom phone never gives you the full space as indicated on the box,well most phone don`t.


2. A 16 or 32gb device will almost certainly run out of space after some few apps installation


3.Even if it allows you to install apps to external SD card, the device will still keep apps data in the internal file system of the device to execute apps hence such bits of apps data eventually pile up eating space.

4.Cache also gets filled up quick and would require constant clearing to free space.

5.To have more space you will be forced to uninstall most apps you may need later for use.

6.If you have a low read and write speed SD card, then you are doomed as apps wont run smoothly and file viewing might also be slowed.

7.Constant OTA updates will also not be possible eventually due to lack of space

8.You will not be able to take pictures nor videos when full.

9.Social media apps and heavy GAMES wont run well anymore when space gets occupied in no time.

10.Overall performance of the device will be impeded and this will make device usage very much uncomfortable with lots of lags when the ram is especially 1GB or 2GB.


Given the above mentioned facts, do well to think twice when going in for 16GB &; 32GB rom devices as they will eventually come with such perks.

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