New WhatsApp Feature: Users Can Now Block People from Adding Them to Groups Without Their Consents

WhatsApp still trying to make their app better are releasing a lot of new features. While we are still waiting for the dark mode feature, we just got a new feature that enable users to select and block those that can add them to groups, that is, one can set WhatsApp that not just anybody would be able to add one to just any group.

How To Enable

Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, select either ‘Everyone‘, ‘My Contact‘ or ‘Nobody‘.

Everyone – Anybody can add you to any group without your consent

My Contacts – Only those on your contact can add you to groups without your consent

Nobody – No one can add you to any group without your consent

Anyone that is not able to add you to any WhatsApp group will be prompted to send you an invite via private chat, so it’s your choice to join or neglect the invite. The invite will expire in 3 days.

This feature is already being rolled out to users and will be available to users worldwide.

You can check if it’s available for you by updating your WhatsApp to it’s latest version.

Download WhatsApp Latest Version Here


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