Good news! WhatsApp For iPad Coming Soon – See Features

I want to gladly announce to you that WhatsApp is working on a WhatsApp app compatible for iPad (iPad Support). Although there a temporary one available some times ago using the WhatsApp Web (do your iPhone must be connected to the internet), but a permanent solution is coming to that as the upcoming app will be made to work perfectly with iPad and will also fit to it’s display size. WhatsApp for iPad is just like the usual app just that it’s made with iPad UI compatibility. Let’s talk about some of its feature.

Login/Register page

After installing the app (WhatsApp for iPad), first page is the usual welcome/login screen for someone to log into WhatsApp with a different number.

Chat Screen

This is first redesigned part of this WhatsApp with a split view

Also has support for landscape mode

Made easy for chat. One can chat while also watching other chats.

Call Screen

This part is made is such that one can read the details of incoming and outgoing calls.

Status Screen

Status Screen has no split, maybe it’s not necessary or might be implemented later


One can navigate through settings options using the split view

Other Information

All the features available on the main app for iPhone is available on the WhatsApp for iPad also, this is because it will be support for iPhone. Below is the voice call Screen and the Touch ID screen

The only difference is the camera tab, but as we know the app is still under development, WhatsApp might still implement it before it’s release. And right now, we don’t have any information on the time of release of this app but we hope it won’t be so long any more.


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