Apple Launches iOS 14 Officially – Key Features & Eligible Devices

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the Apple iOS 14 new and updated features. Apple released the latest version of its iPhone’s software at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020 event.

The new iOS 14 software is expected to be available this fall to most iPhone users. It brings a lot of new features and updates to the overall software experience.

Apple iOS 14 Key Features

Home Screen Widget

First one is arguably the biggest change we’ve seen in the iOS home screen in years – widgets. The widgets come in various sizes.

While it can be viewed in the “Today view” mode, the company ensures that it can be added to the home screen and stay side-by- side with the apps. Users can easily add and customize widgets at the “widget gallery”.

There is also a new feature called “Smart Stack” widget which intelligently and automatically displays relevant apps based on the one’s you used the most at the right time of the day.

New Emoji Style

There are a new face mask and new age options. You can explore and choose from over 20 new hair and headwear styles available in the new iOS 14. It doesn’t matter your age or race, there is always a sticker or style that suits you perfectly. These stickers and styles are meant to reflect one’s hobby, personality and profession.

App Library

Another new feature of the iOS 14 is the App Library. The feature automatically organizes all of the user’s apps into one simple and easy-to-navigate view. Apps are sorted via categories ensuring that your most-used apps are just one tap away from opening. The App Library also allows users to hide apps in their main home screen.

Picture in Picture Mode

This is probably the longest awaited feature on the iOS software. With the picture in picture mode, one can now keep watching videos or even FaceTime while also using another app. The mode is available system-wide to all iOS videos. Just like we’ve seen on the macOS, the videos will hover over apps. It can also be adjusted in terms of size or dragged into the bottom side of the display to continue playing in the background.

App Clip

The new App Clip feature is a speedy and card-based snippet of apps. The feature allows you to access small parts of an app without needing to install the full app in order to save you some storage space. On the App Clips, users can sign-in using their Apple ID and it works with both Apple Pay and App Library. The App Clips is fast and speedy due to the company launching a new QR-code format which uses NFC and visual codes.

Apple gave a few examples where the “App Clips” feature comes in handy e.g. the coffee store’s program or accessing the parking app through an NFC tag.

Updated AI Assistant: Siri

Apple’s AI assistant Siri also got an update with this software release. Instead of taking over your device’s screen when called upon, Siri only pops up as an animated icon in a small overlay at the bottom of the display. Siri can also now send audio messages.

New Translate App

Similar to Google Translate app, Apple has built a new translate app which is incorporated with the iOS. The app will allow users to easily translate between languages. In the app, you can text-in or dictate a message which will be translated into another language. The following languages are available on the app;
English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

There are other interesting features on the iOS14 like the FaceTime and incoming phone calls having a less obstructive new pop-up as oppose to the traditional pop-up which takes over the entire screen. iMessage also gets a new update where you can pin important contacts and conversations to the top. The Apple iOS 14 will work on iPhone 6s and above, it is expected to be made available sometime in the fall.

iOS 14 Eligible Devices

iOS 14 will be available for iPhone 6s and later and iPod touch (7th generation) in the fall, which is around September. iOS 14 beta 1 for developers is already available and the public beta will be available next month.



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