Glo Yakata Plan – Eligibility, Migration and How To Check Bonus Balance

Today I will introduction you to a tariff plan to get data and airtime bonus on the ‘Rule Your World’ Network Glo. The tariff plan is known as Glo Yakata plan.


Glo yakata is one of those medium with which the network Glo is using to provide a lots of bonus to their customers.

On Glo yakata plan, you get 350% bonus on every airtime recharge together with some data bonus.


Interestingly, this plan is available to all users both new and old. In fact, Glo yakata is the default plan on new Glo 4G-LTE Sims.

How To Migrate

You can migrate to Glo yakata plan by dialing *220# on your Glo sim. And you can confirm if you’ve been migrated to Glo yakata by dialing *100#

How To Check Yakata Data And Airtime Bonus

Check your Data and airtime bonus by dialing *220*1#.

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